Virtual Numbers for Friends & Family
Affordable & Flexible International Calling Solutions to Help You Stay Connected to the Ones You Love the Most!

• Save Money on Long-Distance International Calls: Purchase a U.S. Virtual Number & set it to ring in the country of your family's residence!
• Travel Without Call Restraints: Purchase a Virtual Number in your home country, and give the number to friends and family while traveling.
• Never Miss a Call: Receive multiple calls on personal lines, business extensions, or cell phones! Up to three at a time (separately or simultaneously).
• Lower the Cost of Calling Abroad: Purchase Virtual Numbers for multiple relatives in multiple countries, and stay in touch at the cost of a local call.
• Maintain Your Privacy: Distribute your Virtual Number rather than disclosing your real telephone number to acquaintances.

USA to International
Avoid expensive international rates and connection fees when calling friends and family from the U.S.

Example 1:

Derek’s mother lives in Spain, and the rest of his family lives in the United States. Derek purchased a U.S. Virtual Number that rings on his Mother’s cell phone in Madrid. Now everyone in Derek's family can make unlimited calls to Derek's Mother for the cost of a regular, local call in the United States. Derek's family pays nothing extra to talk to Derek's Mother.

Example 2:

Nicholas is traveling to China as an exchange student for three months. His parents want to stay in touch with him, but they cannot afford to pay long-distance international rates every from his regular phone or his cell. To resolve the problem, his parents purchase a U.S. Virtual Number that rings Nicholas's University dorm room in China. Now his family can call him anytime by simply dialing a United States Virtual Number!

International to USA
Provide friends and family overseas with a Virtual Number that rings your phone in the U.S.

Example 1:

Eloise left Mexico to study in the United States. But with a tight budget, she could not afford to call home as often as she would like. Eloise purchased a Virtual Number in Mexico City that rings her mobile phone in the U.S. Now Eloise's Mother can call her anytime simply by dialing a Virtual Number, which acts just like a "local number" in Mexico. Eloise can also give her friends the same Virtual Number, and they can also call her at no extra charge!

Example 2:

Claude frequently travels from his home in the France to visit his parents and college friends in USA. Every time he leaves his home town, he purchases a French Virtual Number and gives it to his friends and family in France. Now Claude can receive unlimited calls from France on his office phone in Los Angeles. And best of all, his friends and family pay no additional charges to speak with him!

International to International
Purchase multiple Virtual Numbers in various countries, and save hundreds of dollars in calling costs!


William lives in the United States, but his mother lives in Mexico, and his brother lives in Italy. Between the three of them, William's family would spend hundreds of dollars a month on long-distance international calls and connection fees! William wants to make it easy and affordable for everyone to communicate often. So he purchases Virtual Numbers for U.S., Mexico, and Italy. Now William, his Mother, and his Brother can make unlimited calls from each country.