Business Virtual Numbers
Cost-effective Business Solutions for International Calling

• Save Money on Long-Distance International Business Calls: Establish Virtual Numbers in over 56 countries! Clients pay nothing extra!
• Enhance Your Professional Image and Credibility: Lend your company a greater presence by providing numbers in major cities throughout the world.
• Never Miss a Call: Receive multiple calls on personal lines, business extensions, or cell phones! Up to three at a time (separately or simultaneously).
• Lower the Cost of Calling International Affiliates: Purchase Virtual Numbers for branch offices abroad and stay in touch at the cost of a local call.
• Maintain Your Privacy: Distribute your Virtual Number rather than disclosing your real telephone number to new business contacts.

USA to International
Establish a strong presence in the U.S. Market by purchasing a U.S. Virtual Number and answering all calls from your headquarters abroad.

Example 1:

A Brazilian company named BRACOM wants to provide customer service in the United States. Instead of establishing an office in the United States with multiple employees and expenses, BRACOM simply purchases a U.S. Virtual Number and assigns it to ring its central office in Brazil. Now BRACOM can conduct all U.S. costumer service calls from Brazil for the low price of $4.99/month.

Example 2:

Mario owns a business headquartered in the U.S. with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and Brazil. He wants to make unlimited intra-office calls without paying for expensive long-distance international calling fees. So he purchases a U.S. Virtual Number for his UK, Brazil, and Hong Kong offices, allowing his employees to reach all international offices for the low price of a local call in the United States!

International to USA
Provide international clients and business affiliates with a Virtual Number to reach you in the U.S. or any other destination you choose.

Example 1:

Jonathan frequently conducts business in France. He purchased a Virtual Number for Paris, which rings on his mobile phone in New York, allowing his clients in France to get in touch with him easily and affordably. Now Jonathan's clients only have to dial a "local number" in Paris to reach him in New York. As a result, Jonathan receives more calls (and more business) from his clients in Paris!

Example 2:

Roderick has an office in California and a satellite office in Barcelona to which he travels occasionally. He wants to reduce the cost of international calls, so he purchases a Barcelona Virtual Number, which rings the phone at his California office. This provides him the flexibility of calling his office in the U.S. from anywhere in Barcelona by simply dialing a Virtual Number and paying only the cost of a local call in Barcelona!

International to International
Facilitate and economize international calling throughout various offices. Avoid expensive long-distance international rates and connection fees.


Mario is a business man with a main office in the U.S. and various branch-offices in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. He wants a quick, easy, and affordable way to facilitate inter-office calling across all of his locations throughout the Americas. By purchasing Virtual Numbers for each location, Mario and his business associates can avoid paying expensive long-distance international rates and connection fees.