Other Uses

Virtual Numbers are versatile and have many practical uses, especially since they can be assigned to a "local number" in one country and ring a phone in another country! Of course, they can benefit friends, families, and businesses all throughout the world. In fact, Virtual Numbers can change the way we communicate internationally! Virtual Numbers are compatible with your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, PC, or SIP account. All Virtual Numbers include unlimited incoming calls within the United States and Canada! View our Rates to select your Virtual Number.

For Businesses For Friends & Family
Save money on long-distance telephone services, while attracting more visitors from all over the world. International guests will likely choose your hotel if they can book by making a "local call" in their country. Establish Virtual Numbers in your key markets to give your visitors an incentive to call you over your competitor!
Avoid Roaming Charges:
Avoid expensive roaming charges and international calls while traveling. Roaming charges can cost up to $2.00 per minute, and if you add the cost of long distance International calls, the total may add up to hundreds of dollars! Download our free app (for PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android) and make cheap, unlimited calls!
Travel Agencies:
Travel Agencies
Purchase a Virtual Number in your target markets to attract more clients. For instance, if you want to promote eco-tourism to Peru in the USA, UK, and Spain markets, you could establish a Virtual Number for each country, and make it easy for your customers to contact you without incurring expensive long-distance charges. After all, It's only a local call for them!
Exchange Students:
Keep in Touch! If you want to be reached by your loved ones during your stay abroad, provide them with a Virtual Number, so they can reach you at no additional cost. This is especially useful for exchange students so their relatives and friends can call them as soon as they arrive at their new home and all throughout their stay. Download our free app today!
Call Centers:
Now you can offer your call center's services in global markets. All you need is a Virtual Number for each of the countries in which your calls will originate. Alternatively, If you experience many outgoing calls, you can save a lot of money using Mytunu rates. With Virtual Numbers, your call center can serve any market in the world!
Medical Care:
Immigrants often turn to their native countries for health care needs. If you are a doctor or a dentist and want to attract more clientele from other countries, establish Virtual Numbers abroad to enable new potential clients to reach you at no additional cost to them. This is particularly useful for South American countries where health services are much cheaper than in the US. Ultimately,