All Plans Include:
An Exclusive Mytunu Number
iPhone, Android, & PC Access
PIN Free Access (25 Countries)
Free Calls Among Mytunu users
Pay As You Go Basic Unlimited USA Unlimited World Unlimited
Incoming Calls Limited* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Outgoing Calls Rates Rates Unlimited USA & Canada Unlimited in 40 Countries
Mytunu Number** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad During Call Yes No No No
Additional Minutes Rates Rates Rates Rates
Virtual Number Included*** No No Yes Yes
Smartphone Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
PIN Free Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Countries included in the Unlimited World plan:
Argentina Denmark Italy Norway South Korea**
Australia France Japan Peru Spain
Belgium Germany Kazakhstan** Poland Sweden
Brazil** Greece Mexico** Portugal Switzerland
Canada+ Hong Kong+ Malaysia Puerto Rico+ Taiwan
Chile** Hungary Netherlands Romania** Thailand
China+ Ireland Vatican City Russia** UK
Morocco** Israel Venezuela** Singapore+ USA+
Unlimited Calls to land lines only unless specified otherwise. Rural, premium or personal number destinations are not included. You must purchase additional credit in order to call other destinations not included in plans + Mobiles included in the plan for destinations with this symbol+
Additional exceptions:
* Brazil Only Rio de Janeiro and Bello Horizonte land lines ** Kazakhstan Only Alma Ati and Karaganda land lines
** Chile Only Santiago land lines ** Morocco Only Rabat land lines
** Mexico Only Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara land lines ** Romania Only Bucharest and Olos land lines
** Venezuela Only Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia land lines ** Russia Only Moscow and St. Petersburg landlines
    ** South Korea Only Seoul land lines
    ** Slovakia Only Bratislava land lines
    ** Uzbekistan Only Tashkent land lines
See Mytunu Fair Usage Policy
Changes to the plans may occur without prior notification.
For questions about whether a country is included, please contact customer service