Connect to the Mytunu Network & Receive
Free International Calls from other Mytunu Members!

Your Mytunu Number

When you register for a free account on the Mytunu Network, you receive an exclusive Mytunu Number. This number can be used to receive free international calls from other Mytunu members throughout the world! Even if your callers don't want to Sign Up for a Free Mytunu Account, they can still reach you at your Mytunu Number, absolutely free! Answer calls on your iPhone, Android, or PC using the free Mytunu App (as long as you are connected to the internet) and gain access to a variety of unique, special features such as Free International Calling, Follow Me, PIN Free, Virtual Numbers, and more. Avoid expensive roaming charges, long-distance rates, and connection fees! Join the Mytunu Network today, and chat all day, all over the world! What are you waiting for? It's free!

Receive Free International Calls from Other Mytunu Members!
Let’s suppose your Mytunu Number is 0401234. No matter where you are, your friends and family can reach you by dialing 0401234 from any iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad, or PC! They just have to download the free app and register for a free account! All calls between Mytunu users are quick, easy, and best of all, free!
Receive Free International Calls from Non-Members!
Friends and family that don't want to sign-up for a free Mytunu Account can still call you for free! They only need to dial a local Access Number, followed by your Mytunu Number. For example, if your friends are in Miami, they only have to dial the Miami Access Number: (305) 400-4422, followed by your Mytunu Number: 0401234. You can answer the call on your PC or Smartphone, and the call is still absolutely free!
Follow Me:
Follow Me tries to locate you by ringing several different phones. You can configure your Mytunu Number to ring three distinct numbers: First the call will ring on your Mytunu PC Softphone, followed by two numbers of your choice. For example if you are visiting China, you can configure your Mytunu Number to ring on your PC, followed by your cell phone, followed by your hotel room. Follow Me will try each phone until it finds you!