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Free International Calls from other Mytunu Members!

What is the Mytunu Network?

All telephone calls must travel through a network to reach their recipients. Unlike traditional networks like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, & Sprint, the Mytunu Network allows you to benefit from a variety of unique, special features. Get your own Mytunu Number, receive free international calls from other Mytunu members, and answer calls on your iPhone, Android, or PC using the free Mytunu App! On the Mytunu Network, you can finally avoid the expensive roaming charges, long-distance rates, and connection fees associated with traditional networks! Join the Mytunu Network today and chat all day, all over the world! It's quick! It's easy! It's free!

Your free Mytunu Number works in many countries! Never miss a call while traveling, visiting relatives, or attending international business meetings. More countries coming soon!
Calls between Mytunu users are free when you use your exclusive Mytunu Number to make and receive calls. Now you can travel all you want, and stay in touch with friends, family, and business partners.
Call transfer
Receive multiple calls on personal lines, business extensions, or cell phones! Use your iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad, or PC! Up to three at a time (separately or simultaneously).

The Mytunu Network gives you access to Virtual Numbers, PIN Free, low international calling rates and unlimited calling plans. Stay in Touch and Save money at the same time!
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Geographical Independence!
On the Mytunu Network, you can have your own "phone number" anywhere in the world as long as you have access to broadband internet. Just use your exclusive Mytunu Number to make and receive calls! Give the number to friends, family, and business associates while you travel!
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Never Miss a Call!
Configure your Mytunu Number to ring up to 3 different numbers. If you're not available on your Mytunu Smartphone App or PC Softphone (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Windows) you can still receive calls on a home phone, business line, hotel number, or any number you choose!