How to Make and Receive Calls

Call Handling is easy on the Mytunu Network! Just download the free app, register for a free account, and follow the directions below! It's that simple. Avoid your carrier's expensive roaming charges, long-distance rates, and connection fees! Join the Mytunu Network today!

Make sure your iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, or iPad is connected to the Internet via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. If you are using a PC, use your current internet connection to get online.
Start the Smartphone App or PC Softphone on your device. It will always remain active and ready to make and receive calls. You're ready to go! Yes, it's that simple!
To Call the U.S. or Canada: To call any other destination: To receive calls:
1 + Area Code + Number Country Code + City Code + Number Just Click the Call Button!
To call any other Mytunu user:
Just dial the other party's Mytunu number
(see Mytunu Number)