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PC & Mobile Applications

The Mytunu Network is designed to run on computers and mobile devices, just as well as it does on landlines. Access Virtual Numbers, PIN Free, or one of our Featured Plans directly from your PC or Smartphone! Answer free international calls on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, or PC using the Free Mytunu Apps below. Avoid expensive roaming charges, long-distance rates, and connection fees! Join the Mytunu Network today, and chat all day, all over the world! It's free!

Application Features
iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch


Mytunu Number Access in 39 Countries
Answer calls from 39 countries, absolutely free! Just register for your free Mytunu Number. No credit card required.
Yes Yes Yes
Free Calls Between Mytunu Users
Internet connection required
Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Numbers from Over 56 Countries
Utilize Virtual Numbers without incurring per-minute fees. Only pay the monthly fee associated with your Virtual Number.
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Mytunu is Always Active
Make & Receive Calls anytime without restarting the app.
iPhone 4 or Later
Yes Yes
Firmware 4.0 or Later
Firmware 2.0 or Later
Windows, Mac & Linux
Plans See Plans See Plans See Plans
Easy Balance Top-Up Yes Yes Yes
Downloads for other platforms
A new version of our Free Mytunu computer dialer is available. It includes new features and enhanced performance. You must download this new version to continue enjoying uninterrupted service.
  Mytunu is available fo iPhone, Android, Mac OSX,
Windows 32 & 64-bit, and Linux 32 & 64-bit.